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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Revolutionize your audience engagement methods with the help of Digital Marketing Services.

Web Marketing

GoogleSoS is a renowned IT solutions provider that believes in comprehensive delivery of services that support the business requirements of our clients. Along with a platter of solutions ranging from software development to web designing, our team also consists of proficient Digital marketing strategists who are committed to aiding our clients in making optimum use of their IT investment towards business growth.

Quality Design and Sustainability

Our Digital marketing services team will help you design competitive, sustainable and interesting web promotions strategies that are bound to enhance brand image, and boost business by effective use of online marketing tools.

Creating a Niche Market

Our Ecommerce marketing and Search Engine marketing strategies will help you create a niche in the online world and stand out among a clutter of brands that vie for the top position of any search engine ranking. Our team will assist you in creating quality content and implement innovative strategies which appeal to your audiences and compel them to keep coming back to you.

Enhanced Web Traffic and Boost in Business

GoogleSoS is an SEO company that guarantees an increase in web traffic and online conversion rates with the help of fruitful internet promotions plans which focus on achieving better goals. Our content and leads management systems provided added support to your entire strategy and also support your offline team to convert these leads into concrete sales.

Holistic Strategies

GoogleSoS helps clients explore the maximum potential of the internet world by designing holistic strategies with incorporate SEO, social media marketing, web development and design and other engaging tools to ensure that your brand gets the maximum online presence and exposure.

We at GoogleSoS invite you to come try our comprehensive and top-notch internet marketing strategies for the benefit of effective engagement with your audiences and consistent growth of business.

Search Engine Optimization

Internet users around the world are now getting highly dependent of search engines such as Google and Yahoo! for answers to all their information needs. Statistics show that over 90% of websites are discovered only because someone is looking for a product or service on line through these search engines.

Search Engine Optimization initiatives help website owners, companies and brands to ensure that a potential customer or a member of the target audience is able to find you through the internet search by using robust strategies that ensure your web pages are ranked well at all times.

GoogleSoS is a renowned SEO marketing company that offers clients innovation in internet marketing strategies that help brands rank high on major search engines. Our highly effective and affordable SEO services help in enhancing traffic of your website.

Our SEO company offers the following services

Comprehensive reporting of website traffic.

Submission of pages to significant and major search engines.

Restructuring of website for enhanced rankings and SEO.

Submission to relevant industry specific directories.

And other crucial strategies that will positively influence your objectives

Benefits of Hiring GooGleSoS as your Web Promotions Company

GoogleSoS is known to offer one of the best Web Marketing Services in India. We ensure that your website gets high search ranking on all major search engines such as MSN, AOL, Yahoo! and Google. Your target audience will seldom have to search beyond the first page of a result by using relevant keywords and search phrases.

Our Search Engine Optimization Projects will focus on

Crisp and Interesting Web Content.

Carefully designed HTML and Meta Tags.

A structure Web Design.

Consistent submissions to major search engines and industry specific directories.

White hat SEO strategies such as appropriate back-linking with other relevant websites.

Why Do I need a Website Analysis Report?

GoogleSoS will give you a comprehensive analysis on your website as a method to understand the current standing of your website. Based on the results and inferences of this report, one can design effective strategies to enhance your position on major search engines.

The report will provide you with information pertaining to Your rankings on major search engines.

Analysis of your website’s meta tags, content and effectiveness of keywords.

Popularity of your links.

HTML coding errors and the time it takes to load your pages.

Our comprehensive list of services includes – Keyword based optimization strategy, keyword analysis, ensuring that all your web pages are search engine friendly and optimized,

submission of your pages, meta tag optimization, link development and building, indented listings, competition analysis reporting and every other activity that will benefit your SEO objectives.

Social Media Marketing Services

Anyone and everyone who is on the internet are now looking at innovative ways to promote themselves on the World Wide Web. Social media marketing opens interesting doors for brands who wish to connect and socially engage with their clients, potential customers and followers on the internet.

Implementing tools which facilitate Social Media Optimization and hiring Viral Marketing Services ensure that your customers are able get to know your brand personally, and in turn benefit the company with vital information pertaining to how your brand is perceived in the marketplace.

GoogleSoS is one such Social Media Marketing Management Services Company which facilitates the easy implementation of creative social initiatives on the internet so that businesses are able to achieve their online branding goals.

At GoogleSoS, we understand your need for you to promote yourself on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such websites by ensuring maximum “likes”, “retweets” and followership. Our Social media and Search engine marketing specialists work closely to offer to you the best solutions in social media management for sustainable and profitable results.

GoogleSoS works on an innovative social philosophy which compels clients to implement innovative and unconventional techniques outside of the frequently explored platforms to avoid competition and achieve equally beneficial results.

We implement our Social Media Optimization project by Efficient management and control of social engagement with followers in Twitter and Fans on Facebook. Our customized value based strategy revolves around disseminating relevant company information using interesting tools and routes.

We also help our clients design fascinating and appealing give-aways and targeted promotional initiatives for their followers which compel them to keep coming back. We also focus on training clients, best practices pertaining to making direct selling propositions of followers on these social media platforms.

By successful implementation of our services, we intend to achieve the following

Enhanced customer loyalty and successful referral programs.

Generation of repeat business by integrating SMM, SEO and Viral Marketing initiatives.

100% clarity in social media communication strategies that demand a call for action.

Consider approaching GoogleSoS to experience true innovation in internet marketing strategy implementation. The biggest benefit of associating with our business is the fact that our range of services extent beyond Social Media Marketing and consist of a platter of internet based marketing solutions in the form of Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Web Development & Design,

Application Development and a number of other such services. This can be easily integrated to ensure consistency across all your offline as well as online marketing projects, hereby combining to create on successful marketing campaign on the whole.

Content Writing Services

Make your presence on the internet felt through high rankings with sophisticated content writing services in today’s extremely competitive business environment, brands from around the world are working hard to make a presence on the internet space. Furthermore, experienced businesses have already realized the significance of high quality and unique content on your website. These businesses have been committing sufficient resources to build sustainable content marketing strategies that help them race to the top in the game of internet branding.

While hiring a full-time in-house SEO copywriter is a common practice, this model makes scalability highly challenging in the long run.

This is where we introduce our SEO content writing services to you.

What we offer

We at GoogleSoS have been able to leverage our combined years of experience to offer to our clients some very sophisticated SEO and website content writing services that are customizable, scalable and affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes across all industry segments.

Philosophy of Ethics

With a team of highly experienced content writers in India, we are able to combine the nuances of crisp communication with business marketing strategies to help our clients achieve recognition and high rankings on the internet. Our competitive price structure is backed with a philosophy of offering appealing white hat SEO content services that focus on ethics and long-term sustainability.

Understanding the Target Audience

Our experienced internet marketers can help clients develop some exciting strategies that revolve around the building of content that the target audience enjoys to read. With our robust strategies, we make sure that each word counts and adds value to the overall marketing initiative. With a strong team of SEO copywriters, we at GoogleSoS can offer you holistic internet services that help you successfully launch and maintain an appealing website that continually attracts visitors and facilitates business growth. With an aim to deliver content that satisfies internet users first, is based on years of experience which states that satisfied customers are the key to long-term success. At GoogleSoS we

take pride in offering to our clients the quickest turnaround time in our content marketing strategies without ever having to compromise on the quality of the content that is delivered.

Our Gamut of Services

Our flexible service basket allows us to customize your content requirements and offer to you a myriad of writing services that suit your organizational budget and goals. We at GoogleSoS with our team of professional content writers in India offer to you the following range of services –

Short Article Writing

Long eBook and Whitepaper Development and Editing

Press Release writing Services

SEO Articles and Blogs

Website Content

With an objective to build a long term relationship with each one of our clients, our expert team of writers who come with significant experience in writing for a myriad of industries ranging from hospitality, travel, insurance, education, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, etc., are here to offer to you

their content expertise for any other form of writing requirements that you may have.

Building Relationships

We at GoogleSoS invite you to give our robust basket of content services a try. Get in touch with our customer service executives and we will embark together on a journey that is built on the basis of holistic understanding. After spending sufficient time with our clients, we work towards delving into the nitty-gritty’s of every business as well as their industry trends.

With comprehensive knowledge on the nature of the business and client expectations, we are able to develop some impressive content marketing strategies that have enabled us to deliver some fascinating results in the past.

Contact us today and you will be able to immediately experience the high quality work ethic that we enthusiastically offer our clients.

Email Marketing

The age of Internet has impacted several Corporates, and almost everyone has acknowledged its emergence. Coping with the advancement of online facilities provided by the Internet, we have evolved and strategized several innovative techniques to market online. Email Marketing Services is one such method which is simple, swift and reaches an extremely large number of potential buyers and clients in almost no time.

At GoogleSoS, we promise to offer excellent e-commerce solutions. And through our Email Marketing Services, our credible Corporate will help you with Email Marketing Solutions like none before. Here, we believe that our Email Marketing Company India has a lot of scope, and taking advantage of this scenario we enhance our relationship with various, old and new clients, both. We direct various Email Marketing plans to gain new client-relationships. Our services guarantee you new customers and long-term business relations with all your clients.

GoogleSoS tries to enhance your growth through low-cost methods which are effective and make sturdy relations with customers. There are several different ways under Email Marketing, which we implement to ensure lucrative solutions.

We use a Direct Email technique, to send customized promotional messages to a list of email addresses which comprise your target audience. Even special offers can be sent via Bulk Email Broadcasting Services. However, the list of Email addresses can be rented from a Service Company, to ensure the email reaches everyone.

Retention Email is another strategy where your emails not only comprise promotional messages, but offers which involve interaction like signing up or buy some product or service and even newsletters. These emails grab the potential client’s attention as they are informative, valuable and involve other benefits as well.

There is another method we use to reach our clients on a large scale. Advertising on others Emails is a recent technique. It isn’t very cliché and thus attracts the clients more so. You can also pay other marketers or advertisers to put it in their advertisements. However, we use different Email Marketing plans for different clients depending on the intensity and need for promotions and awareness. GoogleSoS also understands its customer’s needs and personalizes messages for emails to impress the potential buyers.

We use an impeccable blend of various Email Marketing strategies to cross the barrier and reach out. Our planning comprises Mass Mailing and extremely thought after marketing campaigns. With the help of Internet and rapid Emailing practices, our Corporate attains a profitable and impactful clientele through inexpensive modes of marketing. We increase our value with every forthcoming client and promise to reach you to your potential customers.

There is an incredible competition existing even with promoting yourself online.

GoogleSoS invites you to come experience our distinctive tools in Email Marketing Solutions and Email Marketing Services to stand out of the clutter.

Facebook Application Development

It has become impossible for business to ignore the benefits of marking your brand’s presence on social networking websites. Implementing strategies such as Facebook application development allow you to easily interact with the members of your target audience, disseminate information about your brand in an interesting and appealing way and even help create communities by offering tools and features that further entice them to interact with the brand as well as the other users of your product or service.

GoogleSoS consists of a robust and experienced team of the best facebook app developers in India. Our developers comes with years of expertise in various areas of application development for this popular social networking platform -

They are extensive experience in Facebook Markup Language (FBML), Facebook API and Facebook Query Language (FQL) which is commonly employed for application development and social media marketing initiatives.

As one of the leading Facebook Application development companies in India, we at GoogleSoS follow strict and international standards in quality and development processes which allow us to cater to a wide range of industries and business belonging to the global markets. Our focused team is trained to provide customized development services. This is executed by or client servicing team which spends sufficient time with the clients to understand the nature of the company, their product and service structure, the brand personality and goodwill that they have acquired in the offline world and the needs,demands and objectives of this development initiative.

The Benefits of Facebook Application Development

Becoming a part of a social or professional community.

Building relationships with end customers and potential customers.

Facilitation of business networking.

Encouraging the transfer of web traffic on to your primary web pages.

Engaging customers by using innovation in the form of games and entertainment.

Ability to effectively disseminate information regarding the company.

Building brand value and enhancing brand recall.

Direct interaction with customers through features such as chat.

All the benefits of conventional advertising at a much more cost effective rate.

Receiving constant updates and accurate information about how the community perceives your brand directly from the horse’s mouth.

Flexibility in features and tools one can incorporate in the applications.

Facilitating Search Engine Optimization.

GoogleSoS sees tremendous potential in facebook application development and urges clients to make effective use of the Facebook features such as


Banner Ads

Chats, groups and Fan Pages

Open book search engine


Virtual Gifting

Mobile Based internet marketing through Facebook Mobile Apps

Status updates


Integration of multiple applications

Sharing of Videos, Notes and Photos

Contact GoogleSoS today to benefit from our ability to promote your business on Facebook through innovations in viral marketing strategies, application development,

application designing, maintenance and integration.

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